Know My Destination Project

I did this as a fun project to pick up web portal deployment. Information most relevant to tourists, about various cities around the world is indexed in a database. A web server is deployed to provide an user interface to the information. Please mail me if you are interested in contributing to the code or to the project.

Scheme Interpreter in C++

As a part of a graduate course in programming languages, I wrote a mini scheme interpreter in C++. The interpreter can evaluate most of the standard scheme functions as well as lambda expressions. In addition a memory management tool was written to study the process of memory allocation and garbage collection. This memory management tool was used for allocating and deallocating memory for the scheme interpreter. You may find the code provided, useful for understanding how any interpreter/compiler is written, and also for studying the performance of various garbage collection algorithms in the background of an interpreter.

Please refer to the Readme file for details.
Click here to download the tarred zipped file.
Click here to access the Readme file.

Performance tuning of Matrix-Matrix multiply

Here are some ideas on performance tuning of code illustrated through the simple code of Matrix Multiplication.

Web Server in Java

Here is the code to write a simple webserver in Java.