• I (used to) play for the Davis Cricket Club in the Northern California Cricket League. It is a long season, lasting from April to October. If you live in the Davis/Sacramento area and would like to join our club, please drop me a note at bmukherjee@ucdavis.edu
  • A long time back, I used to play in the Ranchi District (County) Cricket League. I was also selected to represent the district cricket team.
  • On June 8, 1997, Vaughan McClear and I recorded an unbroken, 280-run opening partnership in a NCCA "B" League cricket game against Shaheen B. At the end of our 45-over inning, Vaughn had 128 not out and I had 131 not out. Vaughan was a little unlucky in that my 3-run advantage earned me the 1997 NCCA "B" League Single-Inning Batting Trophy! This has been my best batting performance to date.
  • Squash

    • I play squash for fun, about 2-3 times per week.


    • I used to play for a long time in the UC Davis Intramural Soccer Tournaments for a team organized by CS graduate students. In our best tournament performance, our team finished runners-up, losing in sudden-death overtime in a closely-fought game.
    • A long time back, I used to play for my university (IIT Kharagpur) soccer team. My team (IIT Kharagpur) won the soccer "gold medal" at the 1978 Inter-IIT Sports Meet (held at IIT Bombay).
    • Nowadays, I play soccer on Sunday mornings (at 10 am) with a bunch of soccer enthusiasts.