Reviews conducted by networks lab researchers on papers appearing in relevant conference proceedings and journals.


Year Topic Reviewer
2013 Elastic Networks Jiawei Zhang
Access Networks Saigopal Thota
Virtualization, Cloud, Energy Efficiency Shuqiang Zhang
Software Defined Networking (SDN) Farhan Habib
2012 Elastic Networks Avishek Nag
Access Networks Rui Wang
Energy Efficiency Chaitanya Vadrevu
Data Centers Farhan Habib
Survivability Ferhat Dikbiyik
2011 Review Summary (1) Lei Shi
Review Summary (2) Rui Wang
Review Summary (3) Chaitanya Vadrevu
Review Summary (4) Chaitanya Vadrevu
Review Summary (5) Uttam Mandal
Review Summary (6) Ferhat Dikbiyik
Detailed Review (1) Lei Shi
Detailed Review (2) Rui Wang
Detailed Review (3) Chaitanya Vadrevu
Detailed Review (4) Ferhat Dikbiyik
2010 Access Networks (Part 1) Pulak Chowdhury
Access Networks (Part 2) Lei Shi
Core Networks (Part 1) Ferhat Dikbiyik
Core Networks (Part 2) Menglin Liu
Core Networks (Part 3) Avishek Nag
2009 Access Networks (Part 1) Marilet Jardin
Access Networks (Part 2) Lei Shi
Core Networks (Part 1) Avishek Nag
Core Networks (Part 2) (PDF) Ming Xia
2008 Metro Access Networks Huan Song
Core Networks Dragos Andrei
Access Networks Davide Cuda
2007 Review of all sessions Huan Song


Journal Reviews (2004-2010)

Review of relevant papers from JLT, JOCN, OSN, TON, PNC, JSAC, IEEE Communications Magazine, IEEE Network.

Note: Papers from our research group are highlighted in yellow. Papers relevant to our group members are highlighted in turquoise (blue).

Journal Reviewer
IEEE Communications Magazine Avishek Nag
IEEE Network Abu (Sayeem) Reaz
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking Pulak Chowdhury
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications Lei Shi
Journal of Optical Communications and Networking Chaitanya Vadrevu
Optical Switching and Networking Menglin Liu
Photonic Network Communications Rajesh Roy